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Back to business

McGowans’ substantial Durst investment prompts the question of how PSPs in Ireland now view levels of business – are the dark days over? If you’re an Ireland-based large-format PSP please let me know your thoughts.

How special are you?

Speaking with a number of PSPs over the summer it seems that increasingly there’s a demand for bespoke ‘tweaking’ of inkjet printers to match particular company/application requirements. Am I way out of kilter here in thinking that PSPs are having much more input these days on the spec of the machines they are buying? And if so, is how is that impacting pricing?

Open door policy

How useful are ‘open house’ events to you? Do you see them as somewhere to get an introductory look at systems you’re mulling over or as a place for more in-depth discussion? Are they a valuable addition/replacement for trade show attendance? Let me know your take…

We all need a break some time!

No editor’s comment today as Lesley’s away on holiday. Normal service to resume next week!!! In the meantime please send all requests to the contact details below.

Closed for the holidays?

I’m just back from France where the slow pace of life drove me nuts! I can’t tell you how many stores and restaurants just never seemed to open. I’m assuming the country’s print businesses don’t hang out a ‘closed for the holidays’ sign throughout July and August. But it did get me thinking about productivity, and the fact that the UK is being hauled over the coals for being a pretty poor performer. Are there still plenty of to be made – and where?