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Wide-format Blogs

A clap on the back

We should applaud ourselves in the wide-format digital inkjet print sector because the imagination businesses continue to show must shame many of those in other industries, indeed in other print sectors.

This issue for instance is testament to the breath of creative development taking place across all sizes of digital print providers. Take the likes of Displayways (p15), which is not just one of the many companies constantly looking to bring new applications to market, but thinking very creatively about who it collaborates with to maximise potential, and then thinking outside the box about how it gets those products in front of potential clients.

When Third Party Inks Become Fourth Party Ones!

Having operated a bank of solvent printers for a number of trouble free years, mainly printing onto self adhesive film, we were approached by a reseller representing a very large, worldwide manufacturer of inks and offered a compatible ink for our machines. The cost savings were potentially huge, the colour gamut as good and maybe even better than the OEM version, it was low odour and everything seemed to stack up.

Vendors turned competitors

I was speaking to someone recently from an Israeli company that supplies display frames etc. for the exhibitions market and has started working with a PSP in its domestic market so that it can sell fully printed display solutions. And it’s looking to do the same in the UK. I’m sure this is not the only vendor to decide it can make more money by moving into its customers’ territory. Your thoughts?

As one door closes…

…another is soon to open. Sign and Digital UK may be shutting up shop for 2015 but exhibitors and visitors alike are now looking to Cologne in May. So what did you find particularly interesting at the Birmingham show, and have developments there satiated your appetite for new kit, consumables and all things wide-format, or left you hungry for more?

Man management only?

The recent MBO at ImageCo started me thinking about the fact that despite all the changes to the print sector over the last few years, and all the newcomers and entrepreneurs into the wide-format sector, I still rarely hear about a woman chief making a good go of it. Am I missing something – I fear not sadly. But I’d be happy to be corrected!