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Wide-format Blogs

Let the road trip begin

Yes, the Fespa Print Inspiration Rally bus it finally hitting the road. It’s taken longer than expected to get this old American schoolbus decked out as a showcase of wide-format print possibilities (it was originally mooted that it would be at Fespa 2014: so it will be interesting to see just how far it pushes creative boundaries and whether it’s likely to get creatives really excited. If you’re going to PID, the first stop for the bus, go have a look see and let me know what you think.

Growth spurt continues

Last week we had Callprint announcing plans to acquire large-format print businesses to grow its presence in the sector, just days after CityDocs said it was building on its wide-format capability via new operation Willow Graphics. Now we have Precision Printing re-entering the space via its partnership with First 2 Print and their imminent launch of online bespoke printed wallpaper operation If it all makes you worry about overcapacity, fret not – there’s plenty of growth in the market according to those PSPs who met recently for the annual ImageReports Widthwise Round Table on the state of play in the sector. Keep your eyes peeled for the report from that meeting going online.

It’s a gift

Just look at what those bespoke T-shirts are selling for at the new pop-up in Selfridges. Talk about money-spinner. There must be much more scope for collaboration between printers and designers/retailers in all sorts of areas that can utilise wide-format inkjet technology in a way that delivers mega margin. OK, so it’s not that simple – but worth exploring?

Up for grabs

Callprint’s on an acquisition trail – and so are other business hoping to sniff out large-format print businesses with room to grow. And as we know, there are plenty of those. So do we expect to see a swathe of PSPs changing hands over the coming months, or is this the time for owners to sit tight and wait until their stock climbs even higher?

Spread a bit of sparkle

If you're helping shoppers get in the Christmas mood via large-format graphics please drop me a line and a pic – thinking a bit of seasonal inspiration will go down a well with creative targeted via our Think Bigger Pinterest boards and gallery.