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Can we collaborate?

The second Think Bigger Report it out, and has been sent to creatives across the UK as part of this magazine’s pledge to help spread the word about the potential for digital print produced using large-format inkjet. (You can download a copy at:

All I wanted for Christmas was privacy

Just before Christmas the Industry Mole was the victim of a burglary. His Cornish bolthole was burgled and a few items stolen. Nothing too valuable and insurers soon paid out.

However, arriving at the house two days before Christmas there was an immediate need to replace items, especially the TV which is central to Mole family life. With limited choice at the Penzance branch of Curry’s we quickly picked out the latest Samsung Smart TV and took it home.

What do you want?

Fespa has announced a three-year strategy that it hopes will build demand for print. We all want that. But how do we - as part of Fespa’s ‘core community’ - want Fespa to do that? The Fespa 2015 show in Cologne in May sees the addition of Printeriors, 3D and industrial print conferences to the mix. What’s your take on that?

Cutting ink costs

InkTec has just announced a bulk filling system to be launched at Sign and Digital UK, and a few days ago I did an interview for the next issue of Image Reports with an entrepreneur seeking crowd funding for a totally new cartridge system that could have deep economic and environmental impact. So, when do you think we’ll see the main suppliers bringing down ink prices in response to changing market demands?

The results are in

… from the 2015 Widthwise Survey, so a massive thank you to all of those who took part. I’m now busily extrapolating the key findings to serve up to you in the April issue of Image Reports. The full Widthwise reports will be published and distributed alongside the May issue so that you’re up to speed on the UK’s investment and growth plans ahead of the Fespa show.