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And the show goes on…

..but I’m back in Blighty after a great trip to Fespa 2015 in Cologne. News from the first few days is below – no doubt there’ll be more in Monday’s enews.

Hello from Cologne

Perhaps you are reading this as you head into the opening day of Fespa 2015. The next couple of days are jam packed with press events so just to say we’ll keep you up to speed as the week progresses. Say hello if you see me on the showfloor – I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on what you see.

Get in on the action

The new Print Power website ( hosts a new Case Study Library, a searchable resource featuring global brands and solutions highlighting the value and return on investment that print media brings to modern communications campaigns. But guess, what, wide-format doesn’t get a look-in. Come on, get the sector’s voice heard!

Six big sleeps...

…until Fespa 2015 opens its doors in Cologne. So are you attending? And if so, where will you be spending your money? If you want to check if you’re in step our out of kilter with your colleagues and competitors get yourself a copy of the newly published Widthwise Report 2015 at: www.imagereportsmag/

I think we’ve got it!

In this Leader column a couple of months ago I was bewailing the fact that our print trade associations don’t tend to market this sector very well, and that we need a stronger voice and more cohesive action when it comes to making more of this sector’s potential and getting possibilities in front of creatives etc. – in general, telling the wider world what we’re all about. It will be interesting to see how this month’s Fespa Printeriors showcase and conference for the creative sector helps get the message across, but perhaps we all need to be doing a bit more ourselves to ‘cross-fertilise’ with those beyond our own ken. After all, building business is not just about getting our own message out there, but letting messages flow back in.