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Looking into the future

Were you one of the 300 at ESMA’s recent Inkjet Conference? If so, what did you bring away from it that will impact your business development?

Will the BPIF become more relevant?

Kathy Woodward was widely considered transformational in her time as CEO of the BPIF so it will be interesting to see if her newly announced successor Charles Jarrold continues the job of reinventing the federation for a new era, and in particular - given his background - whether he will reshape it into something more relevant to, and representative of, the digital wide-format print community.

Is the price right?

That Sign Plus has been awarded two MoD contracts worth over £5m though it admits it needs to recruit to fulfil them, has me wondering what your experience is when it comes to tendering for Government contracts these days? Is it still all about price? If so, when do you decide they’re not worth the paper the contracts are signed on?

The cross media question

You’re all selling ‘crossmedia’ solutions nowadays – aren’t you? I suppose it depends on your definition of the word – and that’s where the arguments begin. I’d be interested in seeing if yours matches Drupa’s – or your customers’ – or even your colleagues’! Let me know what you think it means for large-format PSPs.

Is the cash flowing?

The independently managed commercial finance company IGF is warning small firms in the UK to be prepared for cashflow shortages in the run-up to Christmas and the first few weeks of the New Year, and says the rate of growth expected over the next few months has the potential to make cashflow shortages during the festive season even more uncomfortable than during the downturn. No doubt IGF wants to sell its services, but does it still have a valid message?