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Wide-format Blogs

Are you in reduced circumstances?

I’d like to talk to large-format PSPs that are involved in any kind of carbon capture/offsetting scheme about the pros and cons of undertaking such a step. If you are thus engaged please get in touch at the usual email address – thank you.

Waking up to W2P

Well done to Precision Printing (North) for scooping a gong in the 2015 Big Chip Awards for your ‘WhereTheTradeBuys’ website. It seems that there’s much more noise now from those involved in wide-format digital print in relation to e-commerce development. If you’re going through the rigours of system development and are willing to share your experiences – good or otherwise, please drop me a line.

Getting ready for the autumn term

Can you open your doors to design students, to show them just what large-format digital print is all about? I ask because I’ve had an art college on the phone this morning specifically asking if I can help direct it to companies willing to do so. The reason? The college has seen the Think Bigger Reports and been made aware of some of the applications possibilities, but wants students to better understand the technical aspects. If you’re willing to help, drop me a line.

Beyond our boundaries

Where are you off to? I’m not talking holidays but business expansion overseas. Callprint growth in the Middle East begs the question, ‘are other PSPs doing likewise?’ If it’s something you’ve looked into, did you find knowledgeable people that understood the vagaries of print requirements/opportunities in various foreign territories? My assumption is that you didn’t, but I’d be happy for you to prove me wrong.

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity

Seeing Soyang Europe celebrate 10 years of sustainable growth reminds me of an article in Widthwise 2014 asking ‘Is growth good for business?’ The answer…not always. This quote from the article: “The history of the British printing industry is littered with examples of companies that grew fast and died young” got me wondering. Perhaps Soyang’s successful development lies in measured growth through strong leadership and an effective marriage of calculated risk and reward.