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Thank you

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to all of you who have completed the 2015 Widthwise Survey – we’re now up to almost 200 participating companies, and ahead of where we were this time last year when we finished with almost 350 respondents. Obviously, the more info we get the better for the UK wide-format sector analysis we’ll again provide in the annual Widthwise Report in May. So if you haven’t taken part in the poll so far, please do so at:

Education, education, education

Anyone from the print industry who attended the 100% Design exhibition at London’s Earl’s Court last year would have been left in no doubt as to an interior designer’s appetite for new ideas, techniques and inspiration. Stand after stand paraded a vast array of different products, designs and technologies. Large format digital printing had every right to be among them since it has an increasingly big part to play in the interior design world but only a handful of suppliers from the printing industry attended.

A step in the right direction

Well done to Fespa for launching Printeriors, a much needed and long awaited showcase of print possibilities to wow creatives. Let’s hope it will do what it sets out to do. I’m of the mind that while this is a fab step in the right direction, what we really need to do as an industry sector is take the showcase concept and put it into the show environments that are already high on creatives’ list of ‘must attend’ events. But hopefully, Printeriors will become one of them!

On a mission

Are you reading this on a mobile device at Heimtextil in Frankfurt? If you’re into textile print in any shape or form, this is probably where you should be. If that’s the case, let me know what will be your key takeaway from the event.

Are we being counted?

2015 is seeing a number of new chiefs taking the helm at various print trade associations and bodies, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to put out there the thought that the wide-format digital print sector - now a mainstream part of the industry - deserves fuller consideration and a higher profile when it comes to industry-wide representation and debate. That might well be just be my personal view – what do you think?