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Have you done it yet?

Got in touch with the people at the Retail Design Expo 2015 that is. Towards the end of August we flagged up an opportunity for printers involved in the retail space to get in front on customers – and potential new ones - by being part of the event’s seminar programme. Have you done so? If not, you have until the 8 October. If you’re making your voice heard there – or at any other vertical market event - let me know so I can help publicise the fact via Image Reports and its associated Think Bigger Report, website, ezine, blogs, video interviews etc. that aim to educate creatives about large-format print possibilities.

Beyond our borders

Talks with various companies this week have me wondering about how much work UK-based print companies produce for overseas installation, and whether we are making the impact - and profit - that we could be from such work. Let me know what you think.

A slow-burn process

Well, alongside a smattering of substrates suppliers, I saw that two UK large-format/signage companies at least had stumped up the cash and time to get their offering in front of a hugely diverse crowd at 100% Design last week. It might not pay off anytime soon – indeed, neither expect it to – but it’s the slow burn we all have to get used to if we’re to really educate a much wider creative audience about the possibilities of large format.

Let’s band together

As this drops into your in-box I’ll be pacing the halls of the 100% Design show at Earls Court to see if wide-format print is well represented. I hate sounding negative but my gut feel is that it won’t be. Printers haven’t got into the swing of exhibiting their creative capability at events that draw potential new customers. What about forming a band of wide-format print ambassadors to do just that?

Do you remember...

...when print companies first started employing ‘businesses development tsars’ to help them scope out a whole new world of possibility for large-format print? The appointment of Nick Lake to the newly developed role of key project manager at PressOn has a similar, but less nebulous feel, tasked as he is to explore new business opportunities but to also take on the co-ordination of the most complex, multi-faceted projects. What, I wonder, are those early business tsars now being tasked with within your company?