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Sell yourself to the retail crowd

Should you be helping to get more large-format print possibilities in front of the retail crowd? If so, why not think about speaking at the Retail Design Expo next March. It sounds a long way off, but the organisers are putting together the seminar programme and calling for those interested in being part of the ‘Elements of Design Conference’ to get in touch. Get details at:

Turn on the talent

Large-format printers have been slow in coming forward when it comes to the ‘Schools Into Industry’ programme PrintIt! I know that over the years I’ve often flagged up the need for companies in this sector to get more involved with this initiative. To be fair, the schools competition element hasn’t always had a particularly strong, if any, large-format focus, which I guess may have put you off getting involved. But as Proskills UK managing director Jonathan Ledger calls for industry support for the project perhaps it’s worth a rethink. Limited Limited for instance, can see the value (see ‘Turning on the Talent’ feature at and maybe you can too if you take another look.

See what the future holds

I just thought I’d flag up that at the next Two Sides and Print Power seminar – in November – futurologist Richard Watson will deliver his take on how print will look in 2020. Could this be the next best thing to a crystal ball?

Pennies from heaven

If you are a printer with a ‘strong original creative aspect’ to your business and want to grow that part your offering you could, possibly, be in for a nice surprise. I say ‘possibly’ because print falls into a rather grey area when it comes to the definition of those organisations eligible for a soon to be launched Creative Industry Finance package. Though we see ourselves as part and parcel of the creative industry, it seems others don’t necessarily. So the onus is on large-format print providers to put their individual cases. My intel is that those wanting to grow the ‘design’ part of their business for instance could qualify for financial assistance, so it’s worth a try.

Come on in

The ongoing message from manufacturers and suppliers in the wide-format sector is for printers not yet involved in the space to come on in. You can understand why they’re doing it – and the water must look lovely from various perspectives. But is there concern among those already in the swim that the pool may become polluted if too many others join them? Just a question – perhaps you think you have enough of a head start not to worry about latecomers?