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Are you a creationist?

Well, I’ve lost the power of speech! You’ve got to give it to Pixartprinting – it knows how to push boundaries. It’s ‘installation’ called 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' to mark Design Week in Milan might just leave you gasping for breath. Imagine what an impact we’d make if we could integrate large-format digital print in more creations of this ilk?

The dynamics of pricing

Noel Coward put it best: “The customer’s always right, my boys/The customer’s always right/The son of a bitch/Is probably rich/So smile with all your might.” Sometimes, it can take a lot to smile. Like the other day, when a customer phoned me just after we’d done a reasonably complicated rush job for him at a nanosecond’s notice and complained that he thought our prices were a bit steep.

Time to party

Summer’s nearly here - honestly! And you know what that means - al fresco dining. And what better way to make an impact than with something along the lines of the new inkjet printable digidécor creatable tablecovers from Papergraphics. You have the kit and consumables – now it just needs you to get the bespoke product to market…

Have a beer

What a great idea – being able to walk up to a poster and pour yourself a beer from the attached pump! That’s what Carlsberg did earlier this month as one of a number of stunts it’s running to catch the public’s imagination. The company worked with creative agency Fold7 on the job. It made me wonder what kind of conversations PSPs in this sector are having with agency clients about experiential marketing … let’s get involved in more of these ‘wow’ projects and do wide-format print a promotional favour.

Squaring the circle

To what extent do you expect the circular economy to impact upon print, and upon your business in particular? I ask because news has just come in of Agfa Graphics having won an award for its project ‘Sustainability through recycling via collaborative supply chain’. Though that project isn’t in itself wide-format related, it shows that players in this sector are getting on message (see the feature on the circular economy in the April issue of Image Reports at: The May issue of Image Reports will carry a piece that looks at a research project that could see us recycling faulty inkjet printheads in the not too distant future. It’s a start…