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Charity starts at home

It’s sad but unfortunately true that The Printing Charity is little recognised these days, though it’s been helping people associated with printing, packaging and publishing since 1827. Via its Print Futures Awards it continues to provide training funding, and still gives retirees the chance to live in its sheltered accommodation at Beaverbrook House in Bletchley or Southwood Court in Basildon. Perhaps we can all help in promoting the charity to those around us, if not attend its Annual Luncheon on 3 November.

Point of discussion

I’m about to start working on the discussion specifics for this year’s Widthwise Round Table of the state of the UK and Ireland’s large-format print market. If there’s an area/topic that you would like raised please drop me a line and I’ll do my best to raise the subject – coverage of the debate will appear in the December issue of Image Reports as usual.

Up at designjunction?

Is your company involved in designjunction London 2016? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Being held near King’s Cross on 22 - 25 September, the intention is for this multi-faceted event to showcase creativity during London Design Festival 2016. Specially commissioned features include ten Monopoly-style houses on Granary Square, and a super façade structure by Satellite Architects built around Cubitt House on Lewis Cubitt Square. I’m just thinking there must be wide-format print in there somewhere!

The robots are coming

So, Duncan Ferguson has a new role at Epson that encompasses robotics, an area the company aims to grow into a business worth ¥100bn billion by 2025. In the statement on his promotion Epson said it hopes to “create a world in which its robots support people by handling day-to-day repetitive tasks within the service sector”. Its robotic technology is also already being used within its inkjet printer offering, and no doubt that crossover will strengthen. It’s a trend we’re destined to see across the industry. It might be worth flicking to the piece Image Reports published on the issue at the end of last year. Go to:


Well, I’ve got to say, I’m very happily surprised by the number of people contacting me to say they would be interested in taking part in our upcoming ‘Widthwise’ state of the industry Round Table discussion. It’s often said that people in print play their cards close to their chest – and I’d agree to some extent – but since starting these annual Round Tables when I joined the magazine back in 2008 there’s been a noticeable change in attitude, with many more now seeing the value in networking and discussing how to do better business. I look forward to the our next ‘chat’. Thank you.