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Have you been hit?

It’s good to hear that the BPIF is on the case with Creditsafe. If you have been affected by its amendment to its credit ratings model please get in touch – the more of us that make a noise the better.

Twenty Years On

The UK large-format digital print industry has now hit 20 years of existence, during which time I have personally witnessed enough skullduggery to last a lifetime. It still goes on now, with salesmen overpromising on a daily basis and business owners too concerned about earning money today to worry about the longer-term impact of the quality of product and service that they are providing. 

Go their own way

When you think ‘events’, what comes to mind – Fespa, Sign and Digital UK, Drupa, Viscom? What about 100% Design, Retail Design Expo, Ecobuild? The thing is, even print ‘trade’ shows are trying to reach out to creatives as well as print companies because it’s clear that attracting them and stimulating their interest in the print medium is what is ultimately going to grow demand and thus business. But expecting large volumes of creatives – especially those not already buying print – to travel to print shows is a bit of a hiding to nothing in my view – despite there being, in some cases, a real effort to do so via great seminar content etc.  

Get in on the act

This week is the last chance you will have to nominate those large-format print company bosses that you think deserve the title ‘Leading Light’. If you have someone in mind go to to nominate them – it’s quick and easy!

Profit or loss?

What’s your take on the return of using white, clear and other specialist inks on your large-format inkjet printers? Just wondering as so many PSPs now buy kit with wider ink capability, yet I’ve had greatly differing feedback on the ‘value’ of such investment given the cost of the inks and varying customer demand for their use. Thinking a Round Table discussion might be in order?