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A spring of cross-fertilisation?

I recently met with John Kampfner, CEO of the new Creative Industries Federation to discuss the place of print within its remit. What he had to say will hopefully make for lively debate when you read the interview in the upcoming May issue of Image Reports. But perhaps you want to have a look-see at the federation's Webpage ahead of that ( ) because for a limited time Image Reports readers will get a discounted membership. Those companies quoting 'FedImageReports' in the discount code box on the online sign-up form before the end of June will get 20% off the normal rate. The form can be found at the bottom of the following page:

Congrats to…

Adrian Rushton, Chris Gartland, David Urry, Liz Best and Matt Tibbitts, who have each won £50 after being drawn from the pile of Widthwise 2015 respondents. It’s nearly Friday, so drinks on you?

Share and share alike

I recently met with Tim Hill of Speedscreen who was talking about the benefits of being the UK representative of GIGA. Where do you do your most valuable business networking – and is it necessarily with other printers?

What about wide-format print power?

Next month Print Power will host a session at the Prima conference in Austria, focusing on the power of print to deliver high returns of investment to brand owners and ensure print's place in multi-media campaigns. But wide-format doesn’t get a look in. Should it?

Happy Easter

Just to let you know there won’t be the usual Monday ebulletin from Image Reports next week because of Easter - I for one will be downing tools – hope you get a chance to too!