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Plan to profit

…from the Image Reports’ Think Bigger campaign which - via its own website (, enewsletters, blogs, video interviews with top end designers and various galleries of work - is getting the word out to creatives of all descriptions that wide-format print possibilities should be flashing on their radar. And I’m just putting the finishing touches to the second ‘Think Bigger Report’ which will be published and sent to thousands of creatives before the end of the year. So, if you want to help us make more noise, don’t hesitate to get in touch – it’s an ongoing project to help grow the wide-format market.

If you haven’t nominated…

… your Leading Light yet, can I urge you to do so right now – it’s quick and easy. Just go to to let me know who you consider to be the wide-format print sector’s brightest boss – you can even nominate yourself!

Be a Leading Light

Here at Image Reports we’re launching a new editorial campaign – to find the wide-format print sector’s brightest bosses, and give them the recognition they deserve. In 2015 we’ll be running a series of ‘Leading Lights’ articles on those print company managers that are a source of inspiration to those around them. Please make your nominations now at:

So what do you think?

Well, HP has finally made the move to split its business, lumping printers with personal computers under HP Inc. while enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services businesses will form a separate entity. Of course we’ll be following developments and bringing you comment and analysis on how the restructuring is likely to impact HP users in the wide-format print sector, but how do you see this playing out?

Where do we go from here?

I’m liking that IMI Europe managing director Mike Willis has posed such an interesting debating point with regards to the likely impact of inkjet moving forwards. As he so rightly - to my mind - points out: “It's perhaps a mistake to predict from the early adoption of products whether there will be rapid growth and disruption, it's more subtle than that." No doubt we’ll hear more at the IMI’s 22nd annual Ink Jet Conference next month but I’d be happy to get your views before that!