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Applications rich
Thursday, 19 September 2013 21:09


How its latest investment in an Agfa Anapurna M2050 is expanding Key2 Group’s service offering and client list.

You know the score. There are marvellous examples of digital wide-format work out there that a service provider has produced but is unable to flag up and shout about because the client doesn¹t like it. Key2 Group, based in Portsmouth, is no exception when it comes to having this specific problem. A really lovely job undertaken for an end client of global, cosmetic, blue-chip stature will sadly have to remain off limits, but Mike Keating, the affable managing director of Key2 Group continues in an enthusiastic vein. 

Play away
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 20:02

altGreen interior design makes perfect child's play for a thriving family centre in Singapore.

Singapore: a tiger economy, a city synonymous with big business and high finance, but amongst the gleaming steel skyscrapers is The City by Littlez - a children’s play and discovery centre that is pretty unique. Everyday settings, such as a supermarket, a hairdresser’s, street scenes and more, have been attractively recreated to enhance children’s educational experience through role-play - a concept created by Smadar Ron, a designer and business partner at The City by Littlez.

Whatever you want
Monday, 03 June 2013 09:57


Wide-format offers enormous potential to the growing market for personalised home décor as OPG highlights.

One of the fastest growing applications in wide-format at the moment is that of interior decoration in general and wall coverings in particular. OP Graphics, based in Lanarkshire in Scotland, has had more than a little success with this, producing wall coverings for a variety of clients, for uses in areas such as offices, restaurants and people’s homes.

On a conference call
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 08:18

altMelony Rocque-Hewitt looks at Icon’s branding production and overlay solutions for the UN Conference on Climate Change.

Over here we’re all slightly jealous of Icon, the southeast London-based global event-branding group. The reason? Well, while the rest of us have been psychologically damaged by months of freezing temperatures, biblical rains, alleviated by the odd week of raging artic blizzards, members of the Icon team were packed off to Doha in the Middle East for three months to help oversee the branding production and overlay solution for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Shaken and stirred
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 11:59


Ltd Ltd is known for its high-end creative work. Melony Rocque-Hewitt spies on some of its more ground-breaking work.

They’re a restless bunch, the crew at Learn to Dream, or Ltd Ltd as its more commonly known. This restlessness is not a phase but a defining condition that has been part and parcel of this London-based, wide-format, digital printing company from the off.

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