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Making silence golden

Ernesto Sirolli makes a good living coaching entrepreneurs. And whenever he meets a business leader for the first time, he says that leadership starts with four words: “Shut up and listen.” Here’s why.

See the signs

So what’s Lego and Levi Strauss got to do with me? Quite a lot as it happens when it comes to environmental messaging and direction.

- By Walter Hale.

“I, as a designer, made the problem. I made the mess. If we can think of ways of designing without making the messes, we will be ahead.” This observation by Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi Strauss, was one of the high points at the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego this summer.

Over to you...Adman Vanovitch, MD, W&CO Displays and Signs

Adman Vanovitch,
MD, W&CO Displays and Signs

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?
Staff leave as we’ve had two ladies off on maternity at the same time, sickness, holiday, compassionate leave and even jury service recently. I find that temporary staff simply do not fill the void. Customers and quality take precedence over other aspects of the business so internal issues can be on the back burner for much longer than I would like.

Are we set for growth?

As the UK and global economies show signs of a sustainable recovery, wide-format PSP chiefs came together to debate this very question at the 2014 Widthwise round table. 

ON TEST: SwissQ Impala

This is not the cheapest printer but is it good value for money? Nessan Cleary puts it to the test.

SwissQ Print has built up a good reputation for the quality of its flatbed printers so I’ve been looking forward to testing one of these. There are four printers in all, ranging from the entry-level Oryx to the top end Nyala, recently updated to the Nyala2. For the test we got our hands on the mid-range Impala.

Hands On: HP Latex 360

Introscan, HP Latex 360, Hands ON

HP has rejuvenated its entry-level wide format printers with the addition of the third generation latex inks. Nessan Cleary talks to Latex 360 user Ian Penman of IntroScan.

The power of the media

Nessan Cleary takes a look at those substrates that can lead to new applications and new revenueopportunities.

Given that new substrates can open up a whole new world of potential applications and revenue streams many of you will consider it part of the day job to experiment with materials and make a real effort to understand the properties and value of the various different substrates available as essential know-how for producing a profitable range of work. Let’s help you with that process by looking at some of the media announced this year that are of particular note.

For better or worse?

Ronen Zioni, HP, Image Reports

HP will divide into two next year, but what will this mean for the professional print division? Nessan Cleary considers.

So, HP is to split itself into two halves, with all of its printing product operations, including wide-format as well as its big inkjet machines and consumer printers lumped in with the personal computing part of the business to form HP Inc. This company will keep the HP logo and be headed up by Dion Weisler, currently executive vice president of HP’s Printing and Personal Systems division.

Thinking Bigger: Landor

Paul Davidson, Think Bigger Landor

Peter Davidson, business and commercial director, explains why taking the long view is worth the wait when it comes to developing new demand for large-format products.

Over the past five years at Landor UK an active decision has been taken to focus on presenting the company’s solutions to what could be described as new markets - certainly for Landor!The creative design market is a good example, and to get in front of this audience we’ve this year exhibited at the likes of the annual 100% Design Show in London. The decision to do so has been quite an adventure, and we are still adjusting our marketing approach to match the culture of this and the other markets we are now investigating as potential growth sectors.

Angel Awards

It’s again time for Image Reports to recognise products that have been introduced to the UK during the last year, and considered the most innovative and likely to have an impact in the wide-format sector. So here are the 2014 Angel Awards winners.

Pure point of sales flies high with Dyss X7 Digital Cutter

Some 75 years after the father and founder of the Jet Engine, Sir Frank Whittle, formed his Power JetsDyss1 Ltd. company in Lutterworth - another company is taking-off with its business. Working out of the same building where the foundation block of the jet aviation industry was born, Pure Point of Sale Ltd. has seen its sales and growth soar in its first five years.

Vivid Laminating: Exclusive interview

In an exclusive interview with Sign & Digital UK’s Rudi Blackett, Vivid Laminating’s sales director Richard Marlow and export manager Bruce Cozens talk about why they believe the Easymount wide format systems are so popular, trade shows in Europe, America & Brazil, and why they’ve decided to return to Sign & Digital UK in 2015 after a six-year hiatus.

Vivid’s long-serving Export Manager Sharon Marvin retired earlier this year and Cozens’ role has recently changed with it, as he now heads up the Export Team.

I asked them what impact this has had after both working with UK customers for so long. 

IR talks to...Kate Stone, founder, Novalia

Dr Kate StoneNovalia’s mission is “to bring print to life” by integrating conductive inks and electronics technology to make it interactive.

I went to meet with its founder, Dr Kate Stone, to find out how that mission is going, and what part the large-format inkjet print sector can play in that. 
By Lesley Simpson

Let’s get personal

Wetherby showMartin Morrissey, MD at Co-op Events, which runs Newtech: The Wide-Format Printing, Displays and Finishing Show, argues that new style trade events such as this are the way of the future.

Having experienced Sign and Digital, Ipex, Drupa et al, both as an exhibitor and as a visitor over a period of many years, like many others I felt strongly that there must be a better way to get new products in front of the print and graphics market. 

Over to you...Martin Shipp, group operations and production director, The Delta Group

Martin ShippMartin Shipp,
Group Operations and Production Director, The Delta Group

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?

The need to meet narrow lead-times. In this fast-paced market we’re in, efficiency matters. We have to ensure workflows and processes are watertight. This will have significant impact on a clients’ bottom line, so it’s vital get right. We know that time is important to our clients it’s a challenge that we’re always happy to step up to. Having the flexibility and capability within our workforce and technology enables us to adapt with the client as the market evolves. 

Paying for employees to play

Abigail HalcarzRecent employment tribunals have held that overtime should be included in the calculation of an employee’s holiday pay. Abigail Halcarz, an employment solicitor in the commercial group at SGH Martineau LLP, considers the ramifications for employers.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics confirm the UK economy grew by 3.2% in the second quarter of 2014 compared with the same period last year; the best economic performance for six years - but there may be a dark cloud on the horizon for many UK businesses as employment lawyer Abigail Halcarz explains.