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What advertising spend tells us

Walter Hale takes a look at ad figures and works out what it adds up to for the print community.

Advertising is one of the great bellwethers of business confidence. So it’s reassuring to see that, despite the collective hysteria that has sparked a rollercoaster ride on the world’s stock markets at the start of this year, the world’s leading ad agency Dentsu Aegis is confident that, in 2016, advertising spend will grow globally by 4.7% - and 5.5% in the UK.

Steve Cheek ...

Towards the end of 2014 Callprint said it intended to double turnover to £25m in two years, and in particular was looking to acquire companies with large-format print and project management capabilityA - Steve Cheek

Back to its roots

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Fespa Digital is returning to Amsterdam, the city where it all began. Will you be joining the party?
G Rai M

Finding used UV flatbeds

Is there now a secondhand market for UV flatbeds? Graham Thompson, MD supplier Matoria says there is.

Want a UV flatbed but can’t afford new? Then what about nabbing a used machine? Graham Thompson, managing director of Matoria says good machines with plenty of life still in them are now coming on the market, making the secondhand scene a viable option for those wanting to get in on the action at a lower price point, or just wanting a second machine as back-up/extra capacity.

 A1 - Oce XT 550 c

Over to you... Adam Carwardin, Director, Colour Studios

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?
Growth. It is great to be trading in a positive economy again and being able to provide the best solutions for clients and not necessarily being restricted by budgets. We often demonstrate that the best value for money solution is not always the cheapest in monetary terms.

Pondering PREDICTIVE Analytics?

Walter Hale considers whether this business modelling method has a place within PSPs.

If anyone remembers American economist Irving Fisher now it is because of his unfortunate remark, in late 1929, that “stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau”. Months later, the Wall Street Crash proved him spectacularly wrong and cost him eight to ten million dollars personally. It was this kind of prediction that provoked John Kenneth Galbraith to famously remark that, “the only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” 
G  83882623 M

Going beyond CMYK

Many printers offer options such as white ink or varnish, but is it worthwhile paying for these extra? Nessan cleary investigates.

We all know that large-format printers use a basic inkset of cyan, magenta and yellow plus black, and some may even include light cyan and light magenta, with many vendors nowadays offering other colours, such as white, as an optional extra. But is it worth paying for these options?
E - Effects Screen DC16666 PQ

ON TEST: Inca Digital Onset X3

Conventional wisdom says that we can choose between speed or image quality, but Inca Digital’s new Onset X3 promises both. Nessan Cleary put it to the test.
A - OnsetX Front DC22285 PQ

A waste of energy

Should you bother switching energy provider? Yes, you should. And the FSB has a new service to help you. 
A 67265823 M

Find your funding

Hazel Jacques, director at asset finance specialist Academy Leasing, considers the different funding options available to PSPs kicking off 2016 in expansion mode.

Making Ideas Happen

This month we kick off a series of ‘Innovators’ features with a look at how Mal McGowan is putting his company’s motto into practice.

Richard McCombe...

Matic Media Services knows how to make money from Web-to-print. Having established in 2010 and in 2012, the Lanarkshire-based large-format PSP has now formed I asked MD Richard McCombe about the company’s online development capability and strategy.
A - Richard McCombe 14th dec

The 2016 economy and you

Should we make confidence our guide as we consider the economic landscape in which we’ll be working this year. Walter Hale provides an overview. D - waitrose 131782133329431

Brace yourselves: 2016 will not be as smooth as predictions of a 2.4% growth in UK GDP might suggest. An EasyJet/YouGov survey of small businesses in December 2015 found that only 56% of respondents thought their company would grow this year. And very few expected to expand their business by 10% or more.

An inside job

If print for interiors is an area of interest for your company you’ll want to hear what Alberto Masserdotti said at the Fespa Global Summit ahead of the upcoming Printeriors showcase and conference.

The true cost of gifting

Can it pay for PSPs to offer customer loyalty programmes, especially ones that provide gifts and offers A - Andrea Pizzola Sales and Marketing Director Pixartprinting in produzione highas well as a dedicated support service? Pixartprinting sales and marketing director Andrea Pizzola thinks so.

On 31 December new entrants and returning members will be confirmed for Pixartprinting’s 2016 Starway customer loyalty programme, recently updated for what will be the programme’s second year. By being a member of this ‘club’ customers get exclusive perks and dedicated customer care (UserHub) guaranteeing them priority treatment - the intention being for Pixartprinting to grow alongside its best customers by becoming a true support partner. So is it paying off, and is it something worth emulating in your own business?

Thinking Bigger: Papergraphics

Nathan Atkins, managing director of Papergraphics, talks about relationship building for creative G - Nathan Atkins headshotexploration.

Personalisation is currently one of the hottest topics in the print industry. Whether you’re targeting consumers or businesses, personalised merchandise, apparel and textiles present great opportunities. We’re particularly excited by the commercial interiors market and how printers, designers and even artists can work together to create truly unique environments. However, as with any industry, to be successful you need to have a good understanding of how to get the most from emerging trends.