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Over to you.. Franc Moscato, Owner, DGS Supplies

Franc Moscato
Owner, DGS Supplies

What’s having the greatest impact on your business at the moment?

We like to offer the personal touch to all of our customers, large and small, combining both old fashioned courtesy with the resources to deliver on time.

Notes from a scandal

VW’s troubles may look like a one-of-a-kind disaster but, Walter Hale suggests, there’s a lesson there for A 79222331 Mevery print business.

It’s too easy to see the VW affair as a plain and simple corporate fraud. Yet as Gregory Unruh, a professor at George Mason University in Virginia - one of the world’s leading authorities on sustainability says, the reason that the car maker cheated should make every business leader stop and think: “The underlying cause was that VW’s chosen technology, the diesel engine, failed to meet 21st century sustainability standards in key markets.” As he puts it, “VW is discovering a stark, Darwinian reality: sustainability kills.”

Up against a brick wall?

Gavin Wall, a solicitor and licensed conveyancer, and director and the lead commercial property lawyer in Conveyancing Expert, helps you navigate business premises leasehold pitfalls when moving location.

Ending an old lease and/or taking on a new lease is fraught with perils for the unwary. Even experienced tenants can fall foul of unfair terms so the advice here may just help you avoid some of the traps when moving to a new site.

IR talks to ….. Anthony Devine, Founder, The Ministry of Upholstery

In September upholstery specialist Anthony Devine came to daytime TV watchers’ attention via an A - Anthony Devine Picappearance on BBC1 TV programme ‘Money for Nothing’, in which he was seen working on a reupholstery job using his own photography to create imagery for bespoke, digitally printed fabric used to revamp a sofa.

In partnership with Susie Milner he runs the Ministry of Upholstery in Manchester, which started out in 2010 as an interiors boutique and workshop specialising in handmade upholstered pieces. Now it is the UKs leading upholstery school.

So what does Devine think about the role of large-format digital textile print in this market, and what message is being delivered to his students?
By Lesley Simpson

Keeping it real

Authenticity could help your company profitably differentiate itself. Walter Hale explains.A 91590556 M

Whether you love or loathe Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour leader leaves you in no doubt as to what he stands for. On the other side of the Atlantic – and quite possibly the other end of the political spectrum – the same can be said of Donald Trump. The popularity of both politicians has perplexed some and terrified many but should it really come as such a surprise?

Thinking Bigger: Esko

Bruno Vermeulen, EMEA marketing director at Esko, talks about how brand owner needs are being I - BRVE profielfoto op beurs 1addressed by creatively innovative operations.

There’s no doubt that the market shift in the creation and production of sign, display and wide-format applications is shaping the relationship print operations have with their clients. It is a shift that is being encouraged by a level of education that previously did not exist. Esko has talked about the process of 'design to print-and-cut’ for quite a while. As brand owners are challenged for more creative ways to gain attention on the aisles and shelves, basic, straightforward applications such as rectangular signs or one part displays often no longer do the trick.

Wondering about the wet stuff?

Ink development is pushing ahead on wider fronts as OEMs and third party suppliers chase B - inktec RD Department1 2environmental and technology benefits as John Taylor reports.

There’s plenty of activity on the inks front as Epson announces ‘price harmonisation’ and Colourbyte swiftly follows up dropping its Epson ink prices by up to some 27%. So what’s occurring?

Entering another dimension

Walter Hale explores the integration of music, video and other electronics into print.J - Kate Stone August 2015

Four years ago, a one-year-old child became an internet sensation by pressing a magazine as if it were an iPad and looking nonplussed when her prods and swipes had no effect. In an age of iPads, iPhones, iWatches and iEverythingelse it is easy to understand why the print medium is regarded as horribly one-dimensional and why it has become fashionable to declare that this form of physical content is dead.

ON TEST: Agfa Jeti Mira 2732

Agfa has made a determined play for the mid-market flatbed sector with its Jeti Mira, so Nessan ClearyF - AgfaMira Front DC21247 PQ went to test its performance.

Over the past year or so we’ve seen a number of mid-market flatbeds launched, which offer considerably more productivity and the potential for volume ink savings over smaller flatbeds, but without the huge cost of the very fastest machines. Earlier this year Agfa launched the Jeti Mira, to target exactly this market. A few weeks ago we travelled to Agfa's European demo centre near Antwerp, Belgium to put it through its paces.

Better together

How China-based Aria has been working closely with Fujifilm to provide a PE offering that is a moreA - Fujifilm UvistarPro8 HR environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC.

“When green printing is the goal, it is all about developing the right synergy of substrate, printer, ink, and software.” So says Craig Adams, president of Aria, a company that has and continues to work closely with Fujifilm to develop an inkjet printable PE (polyethylene) substrate as an environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC for banners, billboards, signs and displays.

Looking good on paper

South African designer and photographer Robin Sprong has partnered with PressOn to market a bespoke wallpaper service. Walter Hale talked to him about the evolving marketplace and considers whether it’s worth you taking a punt?E - OB Room02

The most famous soundbite about wallpaper is by Oscar Wilde who, while lingering on his deathbed, is reputed to have said: “This wallpaper is dreadful - one of us will have to go.” Until recently, wallpaper is something that Britons have largely taken for granted, it’s sheer ubiquity condemning it to be overlooked. Yet attitudes - a shift possibly inspired by the popularity of style bible magazine ‘Wallpaper’ - are changing and influential South African designer and photographer Robin Sprong, in alliance with large-format printer PressOn, hopes to capitalise on that opportunity.

Time for a team talk

Your people are one of your greatest resources. But do they work well together? Walter Hale looks into successful team building strategies and techniques.

One great difficulty about creating successful teams is that we are dealing with one of the most unpredictable forces in the universe: the mysterious interaction between human beings. So methods that are right in one context can be disastrous in another. To make matters worse, almost every aspect of a team can vary – how big it is, how long it exists for, the scale of the challenge being tackled, even the physical proximity of members – so the mystery is magnified. As a manager, once you accept this uncertainty, and look beyond such moronic simplicities as “There’s no ‘I’ in team”, you have a better chance of creating and running a team that achieves its purpose.

Talking textiles

Where you at the Fabric Printing Now conference last month, or planning to go to upcoming Itma or B-  from Premier TextilesHeimtextil textile shows? If not, are you missing out?

When did you last hear about tie dying fabrics and multiplex laser surface enhancement (MLSE) at the same conference? How on earth can they be connected? It was Fabric Printing Now organised by the Fespa UK Association that was the platform for these and many other textile orientated topics. If you did not attend, and you are a member of the association, you will soon be able to access all the presentations at But it’s worth flagging up the main messages that came from the conference.

IR talks to ….. Debbie McKeegan, Founder, Digetex

On the first day of the recent Fabric Printing Now event, Digetex co-owner Debbie McKeegan gave the A - Debbie McGeeganpresentation ‘A Commercial Designer’s Journey Through Digital’.

Given her design background and knowledge of textile production, customised digital manufacturing, product development and sales, she is well placed to comment on how to profit from digitally printed textile possibilities for the interiors market. I asked her how Digetex is doing so, and how she thinks other PSPs can also benefit.
By Lesley Simpson

Designs on designers?

If you want to influence creatives you’ve got to get into their space. So will you be exhibiting at events A - 140918 SF2118like 100% Design?

At Image Reports’ recent ‘Think Bigger’ Round Table (p16) the participating creatives (debating with PSPs how we can better work together to grow the reach of inkjet large-format) all expressed the view that design-based shows are the best melting pots for ideas and inspiration. One in particular was singled out, 100% Design. So are you going – not just visiting, but exhibiting? Should you be? Should you perhaps even be going so far as to speak at one of its ‘Talks with 100% Design’?

Thinking Bigger: Amari

Jamie Manifold, Amari product development manager, explains why it’s changing its communications H - Jm Press shotstrategy to wow designers.

As a relative latecomer to supplying the world of print with substrates Amari has had to look to innovate, the result being products that enable printers and designers both to fully express their ideas in POS /POP applications. Think Falconboard, which Amari brought to the UK market, and Bubbleprint board, the polypropylene based lightweight sheet - and latterly PET films that provide a non-PVC option for in-store displays.