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The Reinvention Game

Print has had to reinvent itself more times than Madonna to stay relevant. (And let’s be honest, it’s looking a tad more relevant today than dear old Madge.) Could this be the year that one particular reinvention, lenticular printing, takes off?

FESPA certainly seems to think so (http://www.fespa.com/news/blogs/printers-go-3d-with-lenticular-printing.html), calling on printers to embrace this method, which gives flat images depth and motion, and unleash such effects as 3-D, flip, morph, zoom and animation to make their customers’ posters, outdoor advertising, packaging and promotional materials even more compelling.

Prolific design expert Karim Rashid is exhibiting some of his own extraordinary lenticular images at New York gallery Gering & Lopez. For those of you who feel they can’t justify a jaunt to the Big Apple in this age of new austerity, Core 77 have been kind enough to show a sample (http://www.core77.com/blog/exhibitions/lenticular_images_by_karim_rashid_20_x_12_exhibition_at_gering_lopez_in_nyc_23448.asp) which even as stills suggest the vast possibilities ahead.

The ultimate proof of the power of lenticular printing would be if the technology could bring some depth to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


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