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Call for submissions to the EDP Awards 2013/2014

The European Digital Press Association (EDP), representing Europe's 20 trade magazines on digital production including Image Reports in the UK, is seeking submissions for the next round of its EDP Awards.

Eligible are all new products and developments (hardware, software, materials) in the digital production landscape that have been announced and made available between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014.

The EDP has enlarged the awards categories list by adding 3D printing, refinement and enhancement, b/w sheet-fed and web-fed production printing. Entries can be made now and as the submission is approved by the EDP Technical Committee it will be listed at the EDP webpage (with a link to the submitted product) and a Certificate of Submission will be sent to you. An online form can be found at www.edp-awards.org.

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