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Under the bonnet

Printheads and inks are key to the smooth running of any inkjet printer. Sophie Matthew-Paul looks at the developments that optimise performance.

Irish cream

The main show in the Ireland print calendar is about to take place. Here's what you can expect from Sign and Digital Ireland 2009.

Machines that have made a difference

Have you a large-format printer that has made a significant impact on how you do business? These companies have - what about you?

Finding Investment Finance

Manufacturers and suppliers have a vested interest in helping you find funding for new equipment. So should you turn to them in these tough economic times?

Has the dust settled?

Investment continues to be made across all wide-format printer types. But what's working and what's not? Sophie Matthews-Paul assesses the uptake of new kit.

Can do it better

We're not doing too bad on the environmental front, but in recession are we letting our attention slip? Michael Savage, Envirowise production specialist, provides a revision lesson on how we can improve.

To VDP or not  to VDP?

That is a good question, and one that deserves asking again given that variable data printing still fails to make much real impact in wide-format. Why aren't we seeing more wide-format print using variable data?

The onset of something big

As BETA test site of the first Inca Onset S20 printer, PPE is already seeing new markets open up thanks to the technology.

Making it personal

Can we reap the benefits of customisation in wide-format production? The answer is yes, says Sophie Matthews-Paul.

Joining the dots

See the whole picture more clearly. Link togehter networking and workflow as Sophie Matthews-Paul explains.

Eight players from the digital wide-format sector, Chris Stringwell from Digital Plus, Ian O'Connor from Superior Creative, Andy Wilson from Press On Digital Imaging, Steve Hart from reddhart Graphics, Justin Murray from Pyramid Visuals, Iain Morning from Screaming Colour, Mark Roblett from Riot of Colour and Austin McKinlay from Universal Imaging Systems, discussed and hotly debated the idea of ‘diversify or die’ and other key messages at the recent widthwise 2010 roundtable.

“The cost of entry into large-format print is so low compared to other industries, or even other print sectors, that you can almost do it on a whim and see what happens. It doesn’t surprise me that such a large number of those polled for the Widthwise 2010 survey said they are looking to diversify to survive because we’ve seen so many new entrants.” So said Iain Morning of Screaming Colour, setting the mood of Image Reports’ third annual Widthwise Round Table which brought together the heads of eight companies to discuss the key findings of this year’s poll of the UK and Ireland’s large-format printers.

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