Fri, May

BSGA gets new name and new chief

The British Sign and Graphics Association (BSGA) has officially changed its name to ISA-UK, powered by BSGA (ISA-UK), in reference to its affiliation with the US-based International Sign Association. The name-change coincides with the appointment of a new president and vice-president.
  Robert Lambie, who is the founder of uksignboards.com and a director of Fast Signs (Scotland), takes over from David Derbyshire of Astra Signs as president of ISA-UK. Sam Armstrong, managing director of signage consultancy Make it Happen, takes over as vice-president of ISA-UK. Lambie, who has been on the BSGA board since 2011, said: “The International Sign Association (ISA) is instrumental in shaping and developing the sign, graphics and visual communications industry worldwide. Being joined with the ISA community will provide our members with access to a whole range of resources and expertise, complementing what we already have in the UK.” Armstrong added: “As an organisation we exist to help our members address some of the key issues within the sign and graphics industry. It’s vital that professionals working within our community keep up to date with latest developments and we are here to help with that.”   David Catanach, a director of ISA-UK, said. “Working with bodies such as HSE and British Standards, we’re committed to setting the quality benchmarks within our industry and helping our members to exceed them.  As well as gaining access to a wide range of practical information, advice and training, by joining the ISA-UK our members are making a clear declaration to their customers and potential customers that they are proud to be amongst the best of the best in the UK sign industry.”

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