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EFI boosts Fiery Color Profiler Suite capability

EFI has made improvements to its Fiery Color Profiler Suite, including next generation Fiery Edge colour profiling technology and new controls to intelligently boost colour and adjust shadow detail levels.
Fiery Edge profiles are available for many wide- and superwide-format printers that use EFI Fiery DFEs and supports printers with up to eight colour channels. A key element of the new Fiery Edge technology is the ability to manually select a black point that best matches the intent of the item being printed. This maximises the dynamic range of a print when the darkest printable colour is not a neutral black. Users can also control shadow detail levels to best represent a product's characteristics. Users can also define colour-to-black transitions for reduced image peppering, graininess, and smoother transitions. Users of Fiery Edge color profiles will notice much smoother color transitions and blends right out of the box. They will also see more image detail, clarity, and depth. Plus, superior rendering of RGB reds and blues in Fiery Edge technology gives users a more-faithful rendering of RGB images. A new rendering tool - part of Fiery Color Profiler Suite version 5.2 - improves colour while at the same time maintaining balanced visual results. Not only does it enable he control of chroma, lightness and contrast levels, it also allows users to select the correct source profile for the best possible use of an output device's gamut and dynamic range.

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