Wed, Apr

Vivid launches the Velo Blade

Vivid Laminating Technologies has launched a new flatbed cutter, the Velo Blade. Unveiled at The Print Show, the system combines cutting, creasing and perforating in a single pass, and has auto-feed, conveyor belt and collection tray for unattended production.
The Velo Blade handles stocks and sizes ranging between 210mm x 297mm to 600mm x 400mm, and cuts at up to 1000mm/s. Gantry mounted vacuum clamps operate alongside air separation jets, feeding stock into production - loads from 100mm up to 1.5mm or 1200gsm can be handled. A CCD camera picks out registration marks to align the cutting head then a tungsten steel blade carries out the cutting process, whilst the vacuum-grip conveyor belt holds stock in place. It is then automatically stacked in the collection tray.

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