Thu, Aug

Caldera announces V13 Rip software

Caldera is set to release version 13 of its Rip software later this month. The five main new features of V13 include Print&Cut Mirror, Tile Order, CalderaJobs - Detailed View, Custom Annotations and Alpha-to-Spot.
Print&Cut Mirror has been designed to streamline mirror workflows, when printing the back of backlit applications and for print-to-cut dye-sublimation transfer applications. It allows printers to manage the mirroring of the image, the cut marks and the cut file directly from the Rip interface. \ Tile Order allows users to choose the printing order of tiles to reduce onsite mounting time. Printing can be started from a corner of choice and the feature can deliver time savings on mounting times for building graphics, blueback posters and building wrapping. CalderaJobs makes managing large volumes of jobs and multiple printers more efficient. The Custom Annotations feature allows printers to choose which information is printed in the annotations, for media space and optimised data searching and pertinence. Alpha-to-Spot automatically converts files with transparent backgrounds into white channels in automated workflows. As well as these new features, V13 brings improvements to existing ones. InkPerformer now offers a choice of V2 (Legacy) and V3 engines. New version Light Installers save time, while OS support has been extended to MacOS Catalina 10.15. V13 itself can be downloaded directly from CalderaDock, as can new ICC profiles and printer drivers. The new version sees updated Pantone Libraries, including 210 swatches in Pantone FHI Cotton TCX, and there’s a new 2xCMYK Print Mode, for finer prints with duplicated heads.

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