Sun, Jul

Asian first as 11FTC takes Fujifilm Acuity B1

Fujifilm has installed the first Acuity B1 in Asia, at Filipino retail marketing solutions company 11FTC. The investment signals 11FTC’s intention to diversify into short-run packaging.
Founded in 1996 and based in Quezon City, 11FTC employs 265. Of its new investment CEO John Mandarang said: “Fujifilm invited us to visit their showroom in Bangkok and it was there that we first saw the Acuity B1 in action. We’ve had a very successful working relationship with Fujifilm for several years now - operating an Onset X1 to produce large-format display materials, and an Acuity 15 flatbed with Uvijet KV inks for the production of vacuum-formed products. We’re always looking to grow as a company and broaden our offering, and in the Acuity B1 we believe we’ve found a machine with the necessary quality and versatility to help us to break into short run quality packaging - particularly for localised, targeted promotions.

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