Sun, Jul

Pantone takes multisensory approach to Colour of the Year announcement

Pantone has, for the first time, taken a multisensory approach to announcing its Colour of the Year - 19-4502 Classic Blue.
Pantone has partnered with Firmenich, AudioUX, Landr and The Inside to provide a multisensory experience that describes the colour - said to symbolise protection, stability, peace, and confidence, as well as encouraging deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication. In partnership with Audio UX Pantone has come up with the sound for Classic Blue, Vivid Nostalgia, devised to take us to a place that is comforting and familiar. The texture of the colour, in partnership with The Inside, is soft and velvety, while its taste, in partnership with Firmenich, is described as gentle and elegant, and explores the idea of maturing through ripening. Firmenich has also helped come up with the scent concept for the Pantone Colour of the Year, one that it said “elicits contemplation and a feeling of optimism for the future, with notes of blue water and sea salt lifted by airy sky.” “As we all head into a new era, we wanted to challenge ourselves to find inspiration from new sources that not only evolve our Colour of the Year platform, but also help our global audiences achieve richer and more rewarding colour experiences,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

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