Sun, Jul

GMG OpenColor 2.3 now available

New in GMG OpenColor 2.3 is an optimised media library that makes it easier to organise materials directly in GMG OpenColor.
The previous version made it possible to save custom media and reuse them later. With GMG OpenColor 2.3, all customised substrates are shown in one place and changes to the properties of any one are automatically applied to all projects in which the corresponding medium is used. In addition, GMG OpenColor 2.3 supports the relatively newly released GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200, and new Pantone inks - 294 colours have been added to the Pantone solid coated and uncoated database and are available to GMG OpenColor users after updating. Murray Davies curves can now be visualised at the same time as spot colour tone value (SCTV) curves with a single click.

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