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Graphtec GB brings out CE7000 series cutting plotters

Graphtec GB has replaced its CE6000 cutting plotter with the CE7000 series that has larger size options.
With a cutting performance that equates to the flagship Graphtec FC8600 series of machines, the CE7000 is available in four sizes - 40, 60,130 and 160, providing respective media cutting widths of 484, 712, 1,372 and 1,626mm. There’s a maximum cutting speed of up to 1,000mm/sec on the 130 and 160 machines and a maximum cutting force of 450g. The CE7000 also features Version 8 of Graphtec’s proprietary ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system for long-length (up to 5m) tracking and optimum cutting accuracy. Other features include a digital servo drive system and graphic backlit LCD control panel, plus a range of standard and optional accessories (including super-steel 0.9mm cutting blades and fibre-tip pens) and a choice of machine operating modes to accommodate different types and thicknesses of material. The CE7000 is supplied as standard with Graphtec’s own-brand design and production software comprising Graphtec Pro Studio for Windows and Graphtec Studio for Mac applications, together with the optional Cutting Master 4 program that enables integration with other popular software suites such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. The CE7000 sells from £1,395 to £5,295 depending on size and configuration.

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