Fri, Nov

CMYUK launches the High Roller Carousel

CMYUK has launched the High Roller Carousel for wide-format roll media storage.

The High Roller can be loaded or unloaded with an adapted manual trolley on wheels or an ergonomic lift trolley. A control panel allows for simple manual Up/Down press button or automatic selection of a specified roll that is delivered to operator/picker height at linear speeds between 4 and 6m per minute. Each roll position can be adjusted every 100mm on a handling chain - helping to maximise capacity depending on the roll diameter.

The High Roller comes in 13 different heights, 3 types of handling chain options, and offers several ranges rated on the external diameter sizes of a roll, which can go up to 980mm, in widths from 2-6m. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.

The High Roller can be sited in the middle of a room for double-sided access. CMYUK can organise a site survey and provide guidance on configuration, sizing and storage capacity.

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