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Durst group nabs seven product of year awards

Durst and subsidiary Vanguard have won a combined seven 2020 Product of the Year Printing United awards. 

“We look forward to offering the new expanded portfolio worldwide in 2021 and further expanding our leading position in the global LFP market,” said Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group.

The following products won 2020 Product of the Year:

Durst Rho 2500: UV/Latex Hybrid (> $500K)

Durst Rhotex 325: RTR Dye Sublimation on Textile (> $100K)

Vanguard VDR5-E: Flatbed/Hybrid UV/Latex (< $100K)

Vanguard VKM600T: Flatbed/Hybrid UV/Latex ($100K-$200K)

Vanguard VK300HS: Flatbed/Hybrid with White UV/Latex ($200K-$500K)

LiftERP: Workflow/MIS/CRM

Durst Workflow: Software - Rip


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