Sun, Jan

Durst set to unveil P5 350 HS

Durst will officially launch its P5 350 HS on 3 December, with an unveiling of the printer at its Customer Experience Centre in Brixen, Italy.

The new model runs with Durst Automat, a solution for a fully automated printing workflow from Durst Software. Full details will follow at launch.

The launch event will also focus on the Durst Habitat System with UVC-R Technology - an air disinfection system, launched in August, that combines air exchange and UV rays to reduce infectious air and therefore the viral load indoors.

Christian Harder, Durst global sales director, graphics segment, said: “With around 100 units already shipped all over the world, we are really excited to be launching our latest P5 family member, the P5 350 HS. People will be amazed at the flexibility, speed and efficiency of this new printer.” 

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