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Number of remote working roles in UK more than trebles

The number of remote working roles advertised in the UK rose 203% in a year to 80,700 in November 2020.

New Street Consulting Group data shows there has been a sharp rise in remote working among senior managers and directors in the past year, with 67% saying that they worked from home in April 2020 compared to just 24% in April 2019.

A similar rise was seen among senior professionals, with 70% working remotely in April 2020 compared to 20% a year earlier. 

Natalie Douglass, director of talent strategy consulting at NSCG, said: “Businesses are now deciding how many of their staff they are going to bring back into the office once this crisis is finally over and how many can stay remote There has been a trend in recent years to invest more in the workplace, to make it somewhere where staff would want to spend time. It will be quite a revolution if that trend doesn’t eventually reassert itself.”

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