Thu, May

Latex printer core to new partnership for Coker Expo

Coker Expo as bought a HP Latex R2000 Plus printer to support its new partnership with Huebox to deliver large-format, modular, dynamic, animated lightbox systems.

The printer has been installed, by HP reseller Adapt, at Coker Expo's facility in Hampshire, ahead of the Huebox system official launch later this spring.

Ashley Coker, owner and CEO, Coker Expo, said the decision to partner with Huebox, and the purchase of the HP Latex R2000, reflects its drive to adapt to the changing market and expand its range of services available to customers.The family-run business started out as Coker Colour, a photographic company that specialised in large-format printed work and has since evolved into a diversified business offering a wide range of print and related services.

"Investment in the new HP Latex R2000 is a big statement from us, as we move back towards a focus on print and large-format display production," said Coker. "We want to showcase the quality of our history alongside our adaptability, and the HP R2000 allows us to do just this.

Coker said the HP Latex R2000 also fits in with the company’s green-minded ethos."By purchasing HP Latex technology, we are not only guaranteeing ourselves best of breed print, but also environmentally friendly, sustainable production. Coker Expo is 100% committed to this way of working and as we head into a post-Covid world, this will remain a core focus for us.

"This is also the case with Huebox - being able to print on sustainable materials and dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner is hypercritical. It means we are doing our bit in a sector that is not usually credited for its planet friendliness."

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