Mon, May

DuPont introduces Artistri Brite P5500 inks for garment printing

DuPont has introduced Artistri Brite P5500 water-based inks for direct-to-garment printers using low-viscosity piezo-electric printheads.

The new inkset is said to have improved wash fastness and faster curing times (with both inline printer or oven curing) than the P5000 range of inks. DuPont said Artistri P5590 white ink also has better coverage effectiveness and stretchability.

“We are delighted to deliver a full solution that helps enable leading printing performance in all the areas that contribute to our customers’ success - brilliant and durable colours with less ink plus reduced curing times for oven and press while still delivering printing consistency and dependability to help lower operations and maintenance costs,” said Eric Beyeler, global marketing manager, DuPont Artistri Digital Inks.

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