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2022 Rising Stars applauded

The Printing Charity has presented its 2022 Rising Stars Awards to 52 recipients. The formal presentations took place at the House of Lords on 7 July.

The full list of recipients is:

Hannah Bradfield, Journo Resources,

Michael Crossland, Student at Leeds Beckett University,

Cyann Fielding, Student at Royal Holloway University of London,

Annabelle Gauntlett, The Edinburgh Evening News,

Dom Smith, Student at University of York,

Tayler Regan, Paragon Customer Communications,

Dominic Booth, FFEI,

Ben Bray, Paragon Customer Communications,

Chelsea Davis, Coveris,

Chelsea Graham, Bloomsbury,

Gerard Shields, Printpool Additive Manufacturing,

Jack Taylor, Bluetree Design and Print,

Jessica Thompson, Liverpool University Press,

Charlotte Wells, Tradeprint,

Sara Wilkinson, Communisis,

Sophie Allott, Bluetree Group,

Victoria Blackwell, Page Bros,

Casey Davoren, Little, Brown Book Group,

Jessica Du Plessis, Webmart,

Louise Gyles, Qualvis Print & Packaging,

Lauryn Hall, Springfield Solutions,

Helena Heald, Edinburgh University Press,

Millie Higham, Tharstern,

Stephanie Killelay, Precision Proco,

Maria Omena-Neale, SAage Publishing,

Molly Turner, Propack Direct Mail,

Lucinda Waller, Hahnemühle UK,

Rose Wolfe-Emery, Oxford University Press,

Lauren Baldwin, Instantprint (Bluetree Group),

Spencer Batchelor, Harmsworth Printing,

Joe Della, Harmsworth Printing,

Ben Eliot, Harmsworth Printing,

Émilie Hames, Penguin Random House,

Elsie Hargate, Bluetree Group,

Morven McIntyre, DC Thomson,

Samuel O'Neill, Actionpoint Packaging,

Frances Preston, Adare SEC,

Jack Sanger, Amberley Labels,

Oliver Smith, Bluetree Group,

Rosie Catcheside, Mslexia Publications,

Hannah Chukwu, Penguin Random House,

Suzanne Connelly, Ebury, Penguin Random House,

Daniela Ferrante, Fairlight Books,

Florence Hassall, Oxford University Press,

Isabel Martin, Headline Fiction,

Lydia Osborne, Liverpool University Press,

Hannah Penny, Farshore, Harper Collins,

Verity Rimmer, National Trust,

Kate Sassienie, Hachette UK,

Katie Shearer, Orphans Publishing,

Verity Stuart, Wiley,

Katherine Totterdell, Class Professional Publishing

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