Sun, Feb

Inca Digital expands print options On Inca Onset S20

A 20-pass print mode has been added to the Inca Onset S20 and the speed of its existing 25-pass mode has been increased by 24%. The printer, supplied buy Fujifilm, now supports four print pass modes: 12, 16, 20 and 25 pass

“The new options give Inca Onset S20 users higher productivity and more flexibility to choose the optimum print mode for each job,” said Inca Digital CEO Dr Linda Bell.

The new 20-pass mode sits between the existing 16- and 25-pass modes and gives a productivity increase of 26% compared to the latter. This mode is said to combine quality and speed and be ideal for graphics that include large areas of solid colour.

The new modes are available as a free software upgrade for existing Inca Onset S20 customers and will be included as standard on new machines. They are fully compatible with the Wasatch SoftRip, Colorgate Production Server 6 Rip and Caldera GrandRip+.



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