Tue, Aug

POS specialist Pankarte buys Onset S40

POS specialist Pankarte, based in Nordhouse near Strasbourg, has bought an Inca Onset S40 flatbed digital printer from Fujifilm.

Already an Inca Onset user since 2010, the FSC-certified company has installed the S40 to provide top quality marketing collateral in the shortest turnaround times. The Inca Onset S40 prints at up to 470m2/hr

“We chose the Onset S40 printer because it is, quite simply, the best machine in the world,” says Michael Hartmann, managing director of Pankarte. “It is fast and produces great quality graphics, and the additional handling system has really sped up our production time. Our customers, many of whom are pioneers in their field, require suppliers such as us to push them to the limits. The Onset S40 allows us to do just this.