Tue, Aug

Jupiter Visual Communications gets new MD

Callprint has appointed former Icon group sales director David Snaith as managing director of standalone subsidiary Jupiter Visual Communications. The move follows the recruitment of Andy Phillips at Jupiter earlier this year, and a new retail and commercial team at the end of last year.

Snaith worked with Jupiter director Ben Moss whilst both were at McKenzie Clark and Icon. Previously Snaith was also head of retail sales at another of Moss’s former companies, Service Graphics, having joined from Selfridges where he was head of creative services for five years.

Speaking about his new role at Jupiter, Snaith said: “Marketing efficiency is a huge challenge for today’s brands even more so as they venture into new markets, geographies, channels and develop new products. Add to this the ever-increasing pace of technology and it becomes a struggle to maintain effective, coherent and aesthetically consistent brand messages. I believe Jupiter’s strength in aiding them in combating this is to analyse and create solutions that will support some key business drivers.”