Tue, Aug

Sawgrass to show off new inks at The Print Show

The Print Show next week will see the UK debut of the Sawgrass SubliJet-HD Fluorescent Spot Colour (FL) and SubliJet-HD Expanded Gamut (XG) inks.

Partnering with Nova Chrome UK, Sawgrass will demonstrate how product decorators can now add fluorescent colours to graphics with the new SubliJet-HD Fluorescent Spot Colour Inks and obtain hard-to-match colours with the new SubliJet-HD Expanded Gamut for the Virtuoso 25in eight-colour Product Decorating System featuring the VJ 628 printer.

SubliJet-HD FL adds fluorescent yellow and pink cartridges to the SubliJet-HD C, M, Y, KXF, Lc and Lm configuration. SubliJet-HD XG ink set offers C, M, Y, KXF, Lc, Lm, orange and blue ink cartridges.