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New KernowJet Supreme HP Latex certified

New from Kernow Coatings is a range of HP Latex-certified roll-up and pop-up films. KernowJet Supreme is certified for third-generation HP Latex printers - the HP 310, 330, 360, 370, 560 and 570 - and is available in three thicknesses: Supreme 225, Supreme 300 and Supreme 500 (the product number refers to the approximate gauge in microns). It comes in widths of 914, 1067, 1270, 1372 and 1524mm.

Inkjet Engineering Conference detail released

IMI Europe has released detail of its Inkjet Engineering Conference, its new event linked to the Inkjet Ink Development Conference.  It will be held on 14 March in Lausanne, Switzerland, with speakers from Ebeam Technologies, Edale, Exergen, Global Graphics Software, Global Inkjet Systems, Inca Digital Printers, Meteor Inkjet, Pall Filters, Reden, and the University of Twente

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