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Andesign takes Massivit 1800

Large-format digitally printed graphics and signage specialist Andesign has bought a Massivit 1800 3D system, making it the third business in the UK to install the technology. MD Andy Williams believes a total £500,000 investment in new technology will help the company reach its £6m turnover target within the next three years.
Williams said: “Key to our success is our ability to recognise emerging trends, combining our knowledge and experience of the industry with the latest technology to deliver outstanding results for our clients. The growing interest in the ability of high-quality 3D printed objects to promote brands and products to consumers confirms our decision to invest is the right one. The Massivit 1800 is the most impressive 3D printing technology available, and if we’re to preserve our position as an industry-leading digitally printed graphics and signage specialist then it’s important we put our money where our reputation is.” He added: “I believe this new technology will help us grow our business significantly, with the target to increase our turnover to £6m in three years, very much within reach.” Andesign’s investment in thermoforming technology in association with the Massivit 1800, allows the company to make customised thermofolding moulds, adding a new dimension to traditional 2D displays. It is predicted that enhancing customers’ applications with creative 3D features for a more high-impact visual experience will ensure better audience engagement. In May the company will hold an open house to showcase its new capabilities.

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