Sun, Jan

HP unveils new printers at Fespa 2018

HP has used the opening day of Fespa 2018 to unveil the Latex R2000 - its first hybrid solution for rigid and flexible printing - and the DesignJet Z series (Z6 and Z9 printers).
HP announced its Rigid Technology at the ISA Sign Expo in March and the R2000 – the first machine to use it – will be commercially available early next month. The Latex R2000 prints at up to 88m2/hr with continuous loading and can handle up to up to 100kg rolls. Redesigned HP Latex Inks, together with a new HP Latex Overcoat are said to deliver high adhesion and scratch resistance. The printer has automatic maintenance, smart vacuum, and easy loading capabilities, and productivity can be enhanced with HP Smart Services There are two initial printers in the new DesignJet Z series - the 24in wide Z6 and 44in wide Z9. Both offer an onboard vertical and new HP Pixel Control for colour management. Combining HP HDNA with HP Pixel Control, users get the level of image quality with nine inks that was only possible with 12 on the previous generation HP DesignJet. The new printers also offer HP Professional Pantone emulation. There is also a redesigned poster application in the HP Applications Center, which also includes Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Vecteezy, and Pattern Design. The HP Applications Center also embeds augmented reality (AR) technology. HP PrintOS is also offered on the HP DesignJet Z series.

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