Sun, Jan

swissQprint presents printer generation 3

swissQprint has used Fespa 2018 as promised to present its new generation 3 LED printers - the Nyala 3, Impala 3 and Oryx 3, together with high-speed models Nyala 3S (up to 370m2/h) and Impala 3S (up to 317m2/h).
Adriano Gut, swissQprint product manager, said: "Mechanical refinements make these new systems even more stable and precise than their predecessors,” and added: “We have completely redesigned the architecture of the printhead carriage." A new control system is said to be the foundation for future developments, some of which were shown in Berlin. And each of the flatbed printers has add-on features, including an extended roll-to-roll option. A new spreading roller smooths material before it reaches the print bed in order to prevent wrinkles and resulting crashes. Meanwhile, carbon brushes on the spreading roller dissipate static charge from the material, aiding precise droplet placement. A dual roll option for printing two widths of material in parallel is available. The generation 3 models will be available from August via the swissQprint distribution network.

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