Mon, May

Antalis pushes the envelope on environment

Chris Green, head of channel for visual communications at Antalis, is encouraging customers to move to more sustainable visual communications media ahead of the Government’s pledge to eradicate all avoidable plastic by 2042. But he has recognised that there is still “a huge job to do in a promoting the cultural shift needed for mainstream adoption. Importantly, investment in innovation is key, in order to ensure a comprehensive suite of true green media alternatives.”
In April Antalis said it had created a dedicated environmental microsite for customers to help them green-up, with ‘The Green Connection’ providing information on eco-responsible paper through to access to in-depth papers/studies on sustainable development. Now Antalis is particularly flagging up Priplak and Dispa options. Priplak is constructed from a plastic free of halogens, chlorine and plastifiers, such as phthalates. It can also be recycled many times without any significant change in its physical properties and the Priplak R100 range is actually made from 100% recycled post-industrial polypropylene. Dispa, a sign and display board for short-term, indoor displays, is a 100% cellulose fibre product made by 3A composites. It has embossed internal layers for stability and flatness while being 100% recyclable FSC-certified.

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