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Dybrid inks developed for Impres soft signage print system

SGIA Expo visitors will be able to see MS Printing’s Impres digital soft signage printing system running Dybrid, dye-sublimation ink developed by JK Group for MS Printing. The printer will be driven by Caldera Rip software.
“The perfect synchronisation of all the process elements is decisive to obtain high-quality output and process efficiency,” said Alessandra Borghi, JK Group global sales director. “Dybrid inks have been developed by MS Printing, JK Group and Caldera teams working together to ensure complete synchronisation during the printing process.” Digistar K-One inks gain Eco Passport certification Kiian Digital has achieved Eco Passport certification for its Digistar K-One ink series, following certification for its Digistar Hi-Pro.

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