Wed, Nov

Caldera releases Version 12 of its Rip software

The new Version 12 Caldera Rip software has been configured to better bridge the gap between design and business. It includes CalderaDock, an application that can be launched from within the Rip to access Caldera websites, tools and applications. Once installed, it provides users with an easy way to migrate from Version 11, using the new Save and Restore App for Linux and Mac. 
Also worth note is the Huge Image Pipeline. This increases global acceleration by 10% compared to Version 11.2, and is four times faster on multi-layers PSD and TIFF and seven times faster at processing huge raster input files. Additionally, Tex&Repeat can now process very detailed patterns for printing on jumbo rolls. Digital Licences is a new flexible licensing system that, via the Caldera Workspace interface,  gives access to new products and features faster and more easily. It allows users to digitally migrate licenses onto other sites and computer stations.  “Not only does the new Version 12 connect the design experience to business, but we are delivering greater productivity with faster processing speeds and more accurate colour,” said Sebastien Hanssens, vice president, marketing and communication.

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