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Antalis brings sustainable Xanita board to the UK

Antalis has become the exclusive distributor in the UK for Cape Town-based Xanita, and has added its South Africa company’s ultra-lightweight and sustainable composite fibre-board Xanita to its range.
This is a 100% repulpable engineered, closed-cell fibre-board, manufactured with a corrugated kraft core made of recycled cardboard boxes. Said to be suitable for a wide range of decorative and structural applications including POS, shop-fit and exhibition design, Xanita is plastic-free and has a number of other environmental benefits, including the use of VOC-free adhesives, FSC sourced liners and is ECF certified - meaning all the materials in the board are non-toxic. Paul Neale, visual communications product manager for rigid and synthetic sheets, said: “Xanita is an exceptional new offering for our customers and we are thrilled to pick up the sustainability mantle and be the first in the UK to bring this innovative product to the market. At this turning point, with the spotlight firmly on the importance of sustainable options and the move away from plastic, the benefits delivered through Xanita board’s sustainability and strength makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of signage and display applications.”

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