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Counting the cost

Everything is going up - perhaps even your profits? If you’re rolling around laughing at the mere idea, you won’t be alone. But how are you going to shell out more if you’re not making more? I’m sure Matic Media MD and Print Scotland vice president Richard McCombe isn’t the only one thinking print prices need to go up if PSPs are to remain sustainable businesses. He explains his thinking on p13.

Of course, there are always hidden costs as well as the blooming obvious ones, and the reclassification of the chemicals gamma butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4-butanediol (BDO) - used in ink production - and impending legal changes on their use, could cost you dear. The trade associations coming under the GPMA umbrella are doing a fabulous job in getting the print industry’s concerns in front of Government and in trying to find a workable solution, but just in case the timeline stretches away as deadlines near you’d be wise to mug-up on the situation. Turn to p22 for the low-down.

Also worth mugging-up on is how the CarbonQuota/Tharstern collaboration could help your business. Together they’ve created a tool that allows you to provide instant carbon footprints on every quote and invoice - automatically - using your own in-house data. I think it’s a milestone development, so see what you think. The info is on p19.

Talking of eco considerations, as we’re all increasingly bound to do, have you got the POPAI ‘Impact22’ sustainability summit in your diary?  I talked to its chairman and sustainability director, Martin Kingdon for this issue’s Talking Point Q+A to find out where the organisation thinks large-format print service providers fit into the scheme of things. Read what he has to say on p16.  

All, this, plus a Fespa Global preview, a look at the growth in cardboard engineering…oh, and a bit of musing on the Metaverse. Hope it proves a profitable read.

P.S. The Image Reports Widthwise poll is still open at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VMKJZFX  If you’re still to take part I’d really appreciate you doing so. My thanks to those of you that already have!

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