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Purchasers of LFP systems focus mainly on aspects such as productivity, possible applications or investment and profitability levels. However, sustainability is gaining ground as a criterion – not only due to corporate values, but also because it is increasingly seen as a social and political requirement. The good news: anyone who makes careful use of resources will also save money. Here are five approaches and concepts based on sustainability that can be applied when assessing a large format printer...

Wide-format print has been regarded as a key growth market for some time now, with a huge range of work on offer for companies active in this sector. However, as more businesses move into the market, competition for work intensifies and print companies are having to be clever about the way they operate to maximise their profits as HP explains. 

With Brief 2 now in the bag, CMYUK questions Keely Russell, Evie Venables and Sarah Willcocks to find out how things are shaping up on this unique digital textiles internship.

Christopher Watson, content director, Printing-Expo.online, argues that going forward, a combination of live shows and carefully selected virtual events running in parallel, or in some cases instead of live events, is almost certainly the way ahead.