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Finding used UV flatbeds

Want a UV flatbed but can’t afford new? Then what about nabbing a used machine? Graham Thompson, managing director of Matoria says good machines with plenty of life still in them are now coming on the market, making the secondhand scene a viable option for those wanting to get in on the action at a lower price point, or just wanting a second machine as back-up/extra capacity. 

The true cost of gifting

Can it pay for PSPs to offer customer loyalty programmes, especially ones that provide gifts and offers A - Andrea Pizzola Sales and Marketing Director Pixartprinting in produzione highas well as a dedicated support service? Pixartprinting sales and marketing director Andrea Pizzola thinks so.

On 31 December new entrants and returning members will be confirmed for Pixartprinting’s 2016 Starway customer loyalty programme, recently updated for what will be the programme’s second year. By being a member of this ‘club’ customers get exclusive perks and dedicated customer care (UserHub) guaranteeing them priority treatment - the intention being for Pixartprinting to grow alongside its best customers by becoming a true support partner. So is it paying off, and is it something worth emulating in your own business?

Keeping it real

Authenticity could help your company profitably differentiate itself. Walter Hale explains.A 91590556 M

Whether you love or loathe Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour leader leaves you in no doubt as to what he stands for. On the other side of the Atlantic – and quite possibly the other end of the political spectrum – the same can be said of Donald Trump. The popularity of both politicians has perplexed some and terrified many but should it really come as such a surprise?

Designs on designers?

If you want to influence creatives you’ve got to get into their space. So will you be exhibiting at events A - 140918 SF2118like 100% Design?

At Image Reports’ recent ‘Think Bigger’ Round Table (p16) the participating creatives (debating with PSPs how we can better work together to grow the reach of inkjet large-format) all expressed the view that design-based shows are the best melting pots for ideas and inspiration. One in particular was singled out, 100% Design. So are you going – not just visiting, but exhibiting? Should you be? Should you perhaps even be going so far as to speak at one of its ‘Talks with 100% Design’?

Put an end to isolation

Large-format print companies could enjoy greater success through collaboration and an open A 47983527 Mapproach to research and development argues Nathan Atkins, managing director of Papergraphics.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, working together is success”. The American industrialist who said this went on to successfully launch the Ford Motor Company and sponsored the development of the assembly line technique of mass production. Henry Ford knew that successful collaboration was key to the future of his industry and there is no doubt this approach is resulting in great success for the print sector.

Pushing fabric printing

Stuart Maclaren of Your Print Partner discusses the pros and cons of fabric printing – and why it’s A - Portraitworth taking another look at getting involved.

Your Print Partner has had the good fortune to become successful in the textile print market in a short period of time (see Now I think it’s only fair that I share some of the insight gained on that often painful, but worthwhile path.