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SwissQprint launches Nyala printer

SwissQprint is using Drupa to introduce its third inkjet system, the Nyala, which has a 3.2 x 1.6m flatbed and a roll-to-roll option for materials up to 3.2m wide. The printer, which has a list price of 200,000 Euro, will be sold in the UK via Spandex, which already sells the Swiss company’s Impala large-format machine. First shipments of the Nyala are expected at the end of August, the Drupa stand machine having already been sold to German company Stiefel Digitalprint.

Nyala has nine colour channels and quoted maximum output speed of up to 140m2/hr which can be increased to 200m2/hr by utilising the machine’s quadruple CMYK configuration. In addition to CMYK it can handle white, light/special colours, effect varnish and even primer for printing on glass.