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Image Reports is the leading UK title for the wide-format digital print industry.  With unrivalled editorial content covering news, business, markets and the environment.

Delivering an editorial schedule based on the findings of our annual Widthwise survey (over 200 companies responding) ensures the subject matter we explore is 100% relevant to our readers ensuring our audited circulation figure remains strong year after year.

For all advertising enquiries please call James Magnani on 0207 933 8976 or e-mail jamesm@imagereportsmag.co.uk


A buying readership

  • An engaged readership with over 200 companies responding to our Widthwise Survey
  • 41% of Image Reports readers are expecting to invest more in 2012 than 2011
  • 56% of Image Reports readers are expecting to invest in a new wide-format printer in the next 12 months
  • 45% of Image Reports readers are expecting to invest in soft ware in the next 12 months
  • 41% of Image Reports readers are expecting to invest in finishing equipment in the next 12 months

Advertiser Testimonial

We have used Image Reports as one of our primary vehicles to enter the wide-format digital market. The work we have done with Image Reports magazine has led directly to new customers and new business for Optimus."

Steve Richardson, Sales Director, Optimus 2020


Who are the potential investors listed above?

  • 77%        Owner / Director
  • 17%        Manager
  • 2%          Production
  • 1%          Designer
  • 3%          Other

Reader Testimonial

“Image Reports magazine and website is my first point of reference when looking for information around wide format digital print. The information Image Reports provides is highly influential in my decision making when considering purchases whether it be consumables or larger investments in hardware“

David Nicholas, Managing Director, Fosco Hayes Hurdley


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