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Can we get better any time soon at recovering used large-format print for recycling? MacroArt MD Michael Green tackles the questions of how realistic that is, and who is responsible for making it happen.

Manchester-based MediaCo has been ‘greening-up’ its operations for years and recently introduced a new carbon reduction programme called Ecosure that is supported by investment in two HP Latex 3600 printers and a HP Stitch S1000. So what is the company’s eco ethos?  Here’s what group operations director Stephen Arthur has to say.

If it’s good enough for the TV and film industry, it’s good enough for many other sectors, so should you be looking a bit more seriously at 3D, cardboard engineered print applications?

CarbonQuota and Tharstern have collaborated to create a tool that allows you to provide instant carbon footprints on every quote and invoice - automatically - using your own in-house data. It’s a milestone development. Here’s why.

It’s happening. Brands are starting to demand better recyclability of temporary retail display and packaging. So do you check out as a supplier?

Perhaps governments around the world should stop arguing like kids in the playground and work together on a plan to cut carbon in the atmosphere. Walter hale investigates.

Whatever your thoughts on COP26, one thing was rammed home - that we need to work together for the greater good. Here well-known eco advocate ImageCo MD Nathan Swinson Bullough and Denise Kirby, MD of Kirbyco in New Zealand, talk about the need for global commitment across the industry.

The new Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme has been developed to help you trim your waste and expand your recycling rates. So should you be weighing it up?

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