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CPI Colour adopts Complis workflow solution

London-based print production and multi-channel marketing services company CPI Colour has adopted a Complis workflow solution.
The cloud-based system functions as an information and procurement management system, integrating with existing systems such as accounting packages. Dan Cottrell, business development director at CPI Colour, said of the investment: “We recognise that our clients need more than just manufacturing solutions these days. It’s all about how we can add value, how we can help with speed to market, protect their brand equity, bring process enhancements, reduce cost and drive innovation, and that’s what Complis allows us to offer. “An end-to-end workflow like Complis, offering everything from digital asset management, creative execution and campaign management, to production workflow, fulfilment and distribution, is absolutely what our clients need. “One of the key things we want to offer them is simplicity: just log in to one system and they can see the complete workflow all in one place.” The Complis software, developed by Complisoft, is customisable and is delivered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. It can operate as a print management solution, procurement tool and marketing and brand management solution

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