Fri, Nov

InkWizards Profiling Solutions opens for business

Oris Packaging Innovations (UK) MD Steve Chappell has set up a new venture called InkWizards Profiling Solutions to support printers deliver consistent colour managed work.

He said of the decision: “Over the years I have found the vast majority of digital printers - from A4 production right up to superwide - have little or no colour management in place. They frequently rely on generic profiles for their media. Brands and client expectations have changed dramatically in recent time increasing the need for work to be very high quality, accurate and consistent. Our service is designed to support those operations looking to elevate their capabilities.”

InkWizards Profiling Solutions offers an initial simple audit/fact finding exercise, plus the creation of custom profiles for specific printers. There are various service level options to ensure maximum uptime and production consistency with regular maintenance visits.

Chappell added: “InkWizards Profiling Solutions supports accurate profiling that is so cost effective that our services are almost self-funding.”

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