Fri, Nov

Canon Arizona 2300 wins BLI award

Canon’s Arizona 2300 flatbed printer series has won one of three BLI ‘Outstanding Innovation Awards in Production Print’ claimed by the company. The sheetfed inkjet varioPrint iX-series, the ProStream 1800 web-fed inkjet printer took the other two. 

The Arizona 2300, launched 1 September, was celebrated for its “game-changing” Flow technology - an airflow suction technique that combines a zoneless, multi-origin table layout with registration pins to better secure substrates, thus “enabling faster changeover between jobs, shorter set-up times and hassle-free job switching”.

All the winners of these inaugural awards from Keypoint Intelligence’s Buyers Lab (BLI)  “feature technologies that improve output quality, enhance productivity, deliver workflow efficiencies, impact sustainability, and advance their product segments in meaningful ways,” and were selected by a panel of expert analysts.

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