Sun, Jan

Folex seeks partners for ‘split-and-recycle’ concept roll-out

Folex is looking for partners to help it roll-out a new ‘split-and-recycle’ concept, in which 65% of a roll-up film becomes recyclable plastic by simply pulling off the print graphics together with the coating.

The first product in this series is the Regu Pure Active Release 200. It is based on a polypropylene film, the coating of which can be removed without residue after the end of its service life. The amount of residual waste that can only be incinerated or dumped of 100 roll-up graphics drops significantly - from around 40kg to less than 15kg according to Folex.

The company said sustainability will play a central role in the choice of distribution channels for the new ‘split-and-recycle’ products, and is seeking companies that can train PSPs in the recycling method.

Folex has also brought out a backlit film, called Dialux R-50, for water-based inks and latex inks, based on a 0.175 mm PET film which consists of at least 50% recycled material - mainly from plastic bottles.

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