Mon, May

Printwear and Promotion Live! rescheduled

Printwear and Promotion Live! Has been postponed from next month until 24-26 April. Although it will still take place at the NEC, it will now take place in hall 12.  

Event director Tony Gardner said: “Although, no further restrictions have come into place that affect the show taking place in February, following conversations with a large number of exhibitors, regarding the ongoing uncertainties in the UK, particularly the potential logistical issues caused by Omicron, we have looked at the options of postponing the show.

“For the successful and safer running of the show, we felt that it was the more sensible and prudent decision to take up the option of moving to April, in view of the current climate. All being well, the situation will be a lot better by then, with exhibitors and visitors being able to attend confident of a safer and better experience for all parties.

“At this time, we remain confident of a high visitor turnout. Pre-registrations stand at approximately 400 more than the usual numbers seen this far out from the exhibition. The rescheduled exhibition will still feature over 100 stands.”

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