ESMA to run inkjet printing on plastics course

The ESMA Academy will host an ‘Inkjet Applications: Plastics’ course on 22-25 April. Know-how seminars and hands-on training sessions will run at the European Centre for Dispersion Technologies, Selb, Germany.

The course will delve into questions such as: Where does surface tension come from? How can I qualify substrates quickly? How long will pre-treatment last? How to achieve stronger ink adhesion? Which printhead will best fit my substrate’s shape? UV, water-based or solvent inks? Heat curing, UV-LED or infrared drying?

The ESMA Academy will explain pre-treatment methods, ink characterisation, print parameters, ink delivery systems, drying and curing mechanisms, print quality, drop and colour management. During hands-on exercises things like sustainable output, personalisation, productivity, precision and quality will be reviewed.

The course costs 2,350 Euro

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