Tue, Aug

Congratulations to Widthwise winner

Our congratulations to Peter Alexander of PWA UK Digital Displays in Surrey, who snaps up £400 worth of travel vouchers as the lucky winner of the Image Reports Widthwise draw into which all those printers who completed the 2012 Widthwise survey were entered.

On hearing of his prize, Alexander said: “Wow!  Thanks very much. I never win anything as a rule and was totally surprised and delighted to find out I had won the £400 holiday voucher.

“I never normally participate in surveys, but as this was about the large-format industry and your researcher was very courteous and professional, how could I resist? I've been running a large-format business since the early 90's and it was great to have a chance to add a little of my experience to your research.”

The Widthwise Report 2012 will be available to download for free from early June. Go to http://www.imagereportsmag.co.uk/widthwise2012