Sat, Sep

100 PSPs get Landa progress report in Israel

Landa has hosted 100 invited PSPs/packaging companies from around the world at its facilities in Rehovot, Israel to see the progress it has made with its S10 Nanographic printer since Drupa 2016. Invitees also had a chance to see the first Landa press at a live production site at Graphica Bezalel, the Israel-based folding carton, packaging and label convertor beta-testing the machine.
“Our new Landa S10 - installed in August - will enable our customers to do things they’ve never done before. It allows a truly unique degree of production flexibility that will change the way that they manage their supply chains,” said Graphica Bezalel director Eyal Harpak. “For us, it is a genuinely groundbreaking and unsurpassed technology, taking our business into new areas of profitability.” Yishai Amir, Landa CEO, said: “As we ramp-up production, we look forward to shipping more presses in the coming months and to making them commercially available in H2 2018.”

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