Mon, Feb

OneVision introduces upgraded large-format software

At the SGIA Expo later this month (18-20 October) OneVision Software will introduce v18 of its Wide Format Automation Suite, which acts as a link between MIS and Rip software.
V18.2 focuses on extended barcode functionality. The nesting function has also been expanded, so that it is now also optimised for guillotine-ganging cutting machines, which greatly simplifies the nesting of labels that are cut with a conventional cutting machine. Also, with the tiling function, file formats larger than the maximum print format can now be automatically tiled and divided into several smaller individual parts for production. Wide Format Automation Suite is extensive prepress suite that includes preflighting, colour management and file normalisation, as well as flattening of transparencies or automatic generation of bleed and white masks together with a flexible workflow management system help to automate manual prepress work to a large extent. In the first step, incoming files are checked for errors, corrected and normalised, bleed, varnish or white masks are created or adapted, colour space conversions are performed, etc. The result is an automated prepress, a relieved Rip and a smooth printing process.

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