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FuturePrint launches 'Print for Save Ukraine’ crowdfunder

FuturePrint has launched a crowdfunding campaign called 'Print for Save Ukraine' to help raise funds for a London-based initiative called 'Save Ukraine'. 

Frazer Chesterman, co-founder of events co-ordinator FuturePrint, said: “I have just been in to see the busy team behind the Save Ukraine charity - an initiative established by London-based Ukrainians that has been helping provide medical equipment, ambulances and supplies for families affected by this unprovoked attack on their lives, liberty and culture.

“Irina Pierrot set up the group with her friend Aliya Aralbaeva, from Wimbledon, just two days after the invasion. Helping them run it are former Surbiton resident Tanya Piggins and another South Londoner, Maria Milko. A south Londoner from Ukraine, is driving an ambulance - that he used his savings to buy - to the country’s border. Once there, his contacts will take the ambulance and drive it to hospitals where supplies are needed.

“The print industry is a global community, and we know a lot of people are already making their own donations to various good causes to help the people of Ukraine,” said Chesterman, who is hoping the crowdfunder will raise £20,000 for Ukraine. There is a link to the donations page on the FuturePrint website.




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